About Coyote Martial Arts

Our Philosophy:

Whatever your age or martial arts experience, Coyote Martial Arts (CMA) offers a unique training program that will benefit you in many ways.   The CMA training system is the result of many years of experience in several martial arts.  It is important to learn all aspects of the martial arts: spiritual, mental, physical, traditional, and philosophy.  The most threatening situation requires an instantaneous and appropriate response.  At CMA, you will be taught to think clearly under extreme stress and to react correctly while drawing upon a wide range of different techniques.  It is a system that has something to offer everyone.  My students often ask, “What is the best martial art?”  The real question should be “Who is the best martial artist?”  Because the answer is “YOU!”  It really does not matter what style of Martial Arts you study, because the student is the one; Who never gives up, Who has a burning desire to does their best, Who never lets other influence them negatively and  Who has a positive mental attitude is the Best Martial Artist.

About Our School:

CMA & CMMA is a martial arts dojang that promotes Fitness, Self-Confidence, Coordination, Self-Discipline, Self-Respect, and Skills for all Ages.  Our youngest students are 5 years old, and our oldest is 48.  Areas of instruction are Tae Kwon Do, Issyn-ryu, Hapkido,Muay Thai,Wrestling, Ju-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Traditional Boxing, Weapons, and Self-Defense.

 Our students do compete in full contact kickboxing, cage fighting, traditional boxing matches.  The skills we teach are the same skills used in full contact mixed martial arts, as our school focuses on learning different techniques from several martial arts.   We teach “stand up” as well as “ground fighting” techniques.

We also compete in open martial arts tournaments.  It is not required that students attend, but most of our students do compete.  Competition is against students from other schools.  Tournaments usually consist of competing in Katas (forms) and Kumites (point sparring).

Safety during training is observed all of the time.  Students are required to respect each other yet train hard to improve stamina, fitness, and their skills.  

Our students are NOT encouraged to get into fights outside of the school.  Our school focuses on developing all of the above characteristics that come from practicing the martial arts.  Your child will improve in all of these areas.

 About Instructor Tony:
Master Instructor Tony holds Black Belt rankings in Tae Kwon Do, Issyn-ryu, Hapkido, and high ranking in Kumdo (sword arts).  Instructor Tony acquired his first black belt in 1986 and started training at the age of 17.